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Reimagining Silver's Five and Dime: Mid-Semester Reviewer Feedback

Reviewer Feedback:

Todd: City of Greensboro's Inspections Department
  • interesting design
  • soda fountain is a good idea
  • make sure public spaces are accessible 
  • think more about where to run plumbing and electrical 
  • enjoy the idea of saving the old and unique elements of the building
Jerry Leimenstoll: local architect
  • connect front facade and interior to the street using an awning
  • agree with saving the historical elements and adding modern elements for contrast but be more purposeful about what you save and how you save it
  • successful how the ice cream parlor windows stop a few feet from the floor so they are not fully floor to ceiling for a food service space
  • not sure if the street window for the ice cream parlor is a good idea or not 
  • focus on unfolding the design and working through design decisions so you are finding things that naturally tie into the building rather than things that would need to be forced into the design
Dabney Sanders: Action Greensboro on the Greenway
  • likes the idea of extending windows up from the first floor to reflect the same window layout on the second floor
  • might need to edit apartment layouts to better fit new windows
  • addition of roof terrace is a good incentive to rent that particular apartment
Hugh Sutphin: local architect
  • consider adding glass face to Washington St. staircase to add more emphasis
  • likes idea of the skylight shining down through the middle of the stairwell
  • work with awning ideas to develop external signage
  • apply passion for residential spaces to commercial spaces
  • consider talking with someone who spends their days working in each of these kinds of spaces to learn how they really work and what is needed.
  • develop security for each commercial space
Lauren Postlmayr: IAR Grad student
  • add dotted line to show security wall and/or where it recesses into the wall
  • turn elevator clockwise to better work the plans and layout
  • change clearance behind doors to 3-4"
  • need 1' pull and 6" push for door swing 
  • add storage under level changes to add more storage to studio spaces
  • doors in the basement storages spaces should swing in
  • add desk/study space into bedrooms of the lofts
  • rotate bathroom and closet space in the loft spaces to better use space
Jody Efird: local architect
  • work more with developing areas for wet walls
  • pull in Elm St.'s first floor facade to create a front patio
  • could consider adding a courtyard cut out that extends down through the entire building 
  • look at using alleyway as more private space
  • move washer and dryer out into the hallway in the accessible apartment
Matthew Weikert: classmate
  • 5' turn radius can over lap with sink as long as there is enough clearance underneath 
  • think multi level apartments is a successful idea
  • roll up doors in storage spaces to alleviate the need for a door swing 
Kelsey Walker: classmate
  • like the idea for the sports shop design
  • successful loft lighting
  • try placing ice cream parlor signage somewhere other than the copper tile wall
Jo Leimenstoll: instructor
  • play with ceiling heights in the ice cream parlor more - consider adding some decorative element to the ceiling
  • connect signage in the bike shop and the ice cream parlor more with their spaces
  • pharmacy needs more interesting shelving
  • turn the ice cream parlor into a night time beacon to draw people in
  • consider using less brick in the apartments for more dramatic effect 
  • work on improving lighting in the ice cream parlor
Sydney and Ricki Gray: building owners
  • thought roof terrace was a successful idea
  • think having a sports shop with bike option is a good alternative to just a bike shop
  • having level change storage in the apartments as well as private basement storage is a good idea - one can never have enough storage 
Unfortunately I was not able to talk to the other code guys before they left for the day.

Personal Reflection:
I feel that I need to work more on developing the design as a whole over the next few weeks while also focusing, in detail, on improving the lighting, awning design, storage ideas for both private and commercial spaces, and signage.

Reimagining Silver's Five and Dime: Mid-Semester Presentation: Phase III

Friday, October 4, 2013

Reimagining Silver's Five and Dime: 5 on 4 - A Journey of the Senses Through the Spaces

1. A pedestrian walking past the Silver's Building on South Elm Street.
Kelly is young professional, who works downtown, on her lunch break walking across Washington Street on South Elm. While she is waiting at the light to cross over Washington she notices the brick building on the opposite corner. It is obvious the building is quite old with large glass panel windows wrapping around the corner of the building. She also notices the much newer glass and steel over hang that extends out over the sidewalk above each different store front. After crossing Washington she catches the sweet scents wafting from the ice cream parlor's open counter window and hears the laughter of children at the counter inside, slightly muffled by the sound of the employee at the window taking the order of a woman and child ordering from the sidewalk window. Upon passing the corner she is drawn closer to the large glass covered storefront by an interesting gift display in the window of the neighboring store when she realizes that it is also a drug store so she decides to go in and pick up a few things she had originally planned to pick up after work.

2. A customer inside the sports shop.
Thomas, young man from out of town, is in Greensboro visiting family and he wants to keep his athletic routine. His parents neighbor suggested he check out the sports store close by on Washington street. He claims they have everything a sports lover could need, including bike rentals. Thomas enters the store and immediately sees all of the industrial looking metal shelves displaying a wide variety of sports equipment and smells all of the new materials within the space. His eyes are gradually drawn to the dramatic accent lights that are emphasizing the wall mounted bicycle displays and he heads in that direction. After choosing the model he wants and pays the rental fee and is given a key and rental slip and led to the storage area to collect his bike. Once he has located the bike corresponding to the number on his key he unlocks the bike removes it from its display hook and exits the building through the convenient alley exit. 

3. A customer entering the pharmacy.
Carolin is a young professional living downtown. She is stopping in at her local pharmacy to get her prescription filled on her way home. She enters the drug store and her eyes are immediately drawn to the lowered ceiling surrounding the pharmacy counter. However, as she makes her way though the shelves to the counter she remembers some other things she needs to pick up while she is here. After collecting all of her purchases she continues back to the pharmacy to fill her prescription. Once she has checked out the attendant tells her that it will be just a few minutes to fill her prescription. She decides to go over to the ice cream parlor to grab something sweet while she waits because the sweet sugary scents in the air have become too much to resist. Carolin orders her ice cream and sits at one of the cool glass tables to enjoy her icy treat and then picks up her prescription and heads for home. 

4. A resident entering his/her upstairs apartment.
David is a young professional who moved downtown earlier this year to be closer to work. He is currently renting a studio apartment on the upper floor of the old Silver's building. Today was a rough day at work and he is heading home for the day. As soon as he enters the alleyway at the back of the building the noises of the city start to fade away. He enters the stairwell and heads up to his apartment. After entering his apartment he decides the weather outside is perfect for a relaxing evening on the terrace. He collects a good book, a glass of wine and heads up the stairs and out into the cool evening air while the rest of the city continues to bustle by on the streets below.